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i shall

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought me to found On the other side of dePRESSiON. I am here to live my own life, and live it passionately. I invite you to browse my site, learn about my passions, and explore what excites and interests me. All while exploring this journey post depression that i find myself following. Life is meant to be lived; cherish the exciting moments, and relish in those all too brief moments of relaxation. So, sit back, relax, and read on. 

I don't suffer from Depression or Mental health. I am DePRESSiON.. between Press On, 'i'  am in the middle... I do not plan to be alone anymore. In my journey, in my mind, in my spirit. I have gained friends, i have acquired new knowledge. More experiences. I have this Blog. I am not alone, i am surrounded.


Throughout all my creative writing and blog posts i write 'i', as a lower case instead of an upper case letter. I capitalise 'i' at the start of a sentence, as page etiquette more than anything. I choose to use it in lower case because of how lonely and innocent it looks on page as apposed to 'I' that looks strong, powerful and dominant alone there, that blends in between the words that form a well written sentence. The i, symbolises me not being there just yet, but i am on my way PRESSing ON to the Other side. i, symbolises the youth that i so desperately try to cling onto. We don't learn to use 'i' as a capital until we get into big school. That's when the spelling and grammar police they call teachers, wont read your page until you rectify, well and truly before they are even willing to read what it is you have written. I like to write creatively, without fear of rejection and misunderstanding, i like to speak confidently but quietly without fear of my intent being taken wrongly. I like people to understand my intent within my writing and when i am speaking. I like to come across soft and understanding. Just like 'i' does. It seems more personable and approachable, how i would like to be perceived although at the moment i am not. I am still growing, i am still learning, i am still travelling, i am still understanding. When i am there, standing tall, standing grown, and very sure. I will then capitalise my 'i' the middle of my sentences. It is then that i will stare depression straight in the face and it will answer to me. Not i to it.