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Depression : de(PRESS)i(ON)



So, i'm just a normal Urban East London girl, who has terrible grammar. Often I may say Loose instead of lose, and to instead of too, so apologies in advance. Forget to put full stops, and capitalise my i's.  I feel as though I want to share my journey post depression and anxiety. So it will be quite intimate, but fun and exciting. I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you internet. A bit of what ever springs to mind is what i shall share.


..not that I am the most interesting person, because real life for me isn't all glitz and glamour. I still have to wake up 7am everyday.  I named the blog On The Other Side of dePRESSiON, because I feel as though that's the stand point of my life now. Pressing on from depression. And it is important to empower people to understand if you press on, and continue going however you manage it. You can also find yourself on the other side of feelings of severe despondency and dejection. 


Everyone suffers differently. Some suffer in silence and still suffering. Some suffer right in front of your eyes. Some who suffer feel alone, misunderstood, under pressure. And many other things, but those feelings struck the loudest chord to me. I write this blog post, with my former wonderful Therapist in mind. India Webb. ( I hope if she ever comes across this blog, she can understand how thankful I am to her, and how much she helped me) Along side my Father, for continuing the support and pushing me when i thought i couldn't push any harder!


A lot of blogs seem to make it seem that every day life is mimics what we see on the magazines, and everyday they capture vivid hues of happiness and fulfillment in life, and how wonderful it could be. And at times it is. This journey is somewhat similar but different. Because depression has it down days. With that towering over you life isn't all digital SLR camera shots and afternoon tea. Nor is it London Fashion week Leather leggings and platform shoes or airbrushed beautiful faces and bodies. We have dress down days almost everyday with spur of the moment fleeting happiness that passes you by ever so quickly, playing catch me if you can every other so often!


If you read this: And want a little bit of advice, that I took to get to the other side.

Turn the light on! Switch any and every light on! switch it off again if you must! What is important is the action of making things light up, turning rooms from darkness to light. Its up to you! You are in charge of your brightness, your happiness. ..




I only wear trainers, I'm a bit common. I live in East London. I enjoy rap/hip hop and grime concerts. All my pictures will be taken with my Samsung galaxy s8 (excited) I am a personal trainer. I am passionate about young people having opportunities to thrive in their communities and enhance their talents and skills. I am a football coach, handball coach tennis coach, you name it kind of sports coach and aspire to be a life coach. I love Rosé. I travel when I have the means to. I eat American style burgers. I am me, I am Pressing on!




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November 2, 2018

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