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Why do british people call trainers, sneakers?


My first pair of nike trainers, was a pair of hand me downs from my brother. Air max 98 TL, in primary school. I owned a £100 pair of trainers, you can imagine how cool i was. How much street cred i possessed. Until the Air bubble burst. They were no longer wearable, but i used them till the sole came off. Then my older sister got her first job, and she took me to buy a pair of Cortez, golden upper, and a jagged white sole. That was real 90s, i felt like cool spice, an added addition to the 5 spice girls. I even had a spice girls dress, and bag to match. On my birthday she bought me a pair of Reebok classics, all black with the luminous green logo. I really couldn't ask for a better sister at the time. Little did she know she was feeding my addiction that was to come later. My Dad used to buy me trainers every 3 months from asdas shoe section, The brands Arrow and Hi tech, filled my marvellous early collection.

Fast forward to my first pair of trainers that i paid for where Air max 90s. They were grey and baby blue. I remember saving my pocket money which was £2 a day, that was meant for a strawberry ribena and a beef pie for my lunch at school. I anticipated that day everyday for 1 whole month, to raise that £60. Instead, like the rest of the boys in my class, that waited for one or two of the boys who get free school meals to come to the field with their chips. And rush to be first to get a share. 2 or 3 chips each would do us for the rest of the day. Everyday i went hungry, but everyday i got closer. The truth is my parents said they could not afford to buy me such expensive shoes. That wouldn't even last me 6 months. I walked about 3 miles to the nearest JD sports, in East Ham. To my disappointment my size was not in stock. My heart sank. I contemplating ending my life there and then,  the cashier said they can order them in for me. But of course I still wasn't satisfied, i tried every size that was nearest to mine. None of them fit, so i had to oblige and wait 5 working days to receive them. By then the novelty had worn off. But i still had the hottest shoes to touch school premises, according to me!


Now theres two things i've never understood, Why i was called a tomboy? I didnt class myself as a tomboy, but other people did, i wore trainers and jogging bottoms, hooded jumpers and jackets, but nothing was ever bought from the boys/mens section. It was always female or unisex clothing i was wearing. I was told, i am a tomboy. But i didnt want to be that, i wanted to be called a girl, i wanted to be considered a girl, but i also wanted to be comfortable. and feel secure within myself.


The second thing, is why British people call them trainers, sneakers? It doesnt even sound british :s   ... i too am guilty of saying sneakerhead. But that's because trainer head sounds strange, and i don't know what else to call it. (make some suggestions below if you would like on a more originally sounding british way of saying sneakerhead)


I dont have amazing style or take aesthetically pleasing selfies. But i thought id dedicate this blog post to the YEEZY 350 as it's the most sought after shoe right now. My newest addition to the team. I call them my team because some hold different positions. Some play different seasons. And some are retired. But they each get their time to have or had their time to play. Sorry- i am a football coach so everything reverts back to team sport.

Yeezy 350 v2 cream. '' whats them yeezys sayin jac?'' haha

 instagram : jjacqz


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November 2, 2018

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