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Overcoming your fears...

''Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are more powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.'' Marrianne Williamson


 When trying to overcome depression, you often try and find quick fix methods like search 5 steps to help you deal with depression. Take anti depressants. See a depression therapist. More often than not, those methods you fear, you start noticing you fear people, activities, things, moving from your bed. You become less fearless.


I watched a video where Will Smith spoke about fear.

2 things he said struck the strongest chord for me.

''The point of maximum danger, is at the point of minimum fear.''


We as humans hold so many fears close to our hearts. One of the greatest fears people have that i know. Is being alone. And i used to hold the same fear, but this week i decided to go Island hopping in a few Greek islands. For my birthday alone! :) (which was on the 14th june)<- blog post coming soon!

I also decided that when i reach Athens i shall do a skydive. Now, i have never had a problem with speed, or heights. But the two combined, was a different slice of cake! But the moment of jumping off the plane, fear didn't even spring to mind!


Now I am not a person who thinks much about what i am going to do, until it is the moment of actually doing it. So the skydive was at the back of my mind from the moment i booked it, until the moment i got on the plane, and it started climbing up to 14,000 feet! It was truly insane. As the tandem person pushes his weight forwards off the plane, with me in front of him. My heart flew from my body and i'm sure reached the ground, before i could even collect my thoughts. Then a second after that, the wind hit me at 120mph x 2, as i'm descending at 120mph. Then the camera man screams, smileeeee! The person behind me screams smile smile. But the wind was so intense that my lips where being blown to the back of my head! All the poses i planned to do didn't transfer over into the air. The wind wouldn't allow for my fingers to open, when i tried it blew my little finger so far back i had to clench it into a fist. Just as i thought, its over, the parachute deploys lifting us up again at a speed. After getting used to the fact that i don't have a heart anymore, because i lost it when we left the plane. It returns  back to my chest for an even greater heart attack. Then my ear drums burst. And then the guy behind me told me to control the parachute, but i couldn't hear a thing. And the wind is too strong, so i was struggling to move them. The whole descend is around 1minute. But i will say it has to be the most amazing experience of my life. I recommend anyone who has the means, and the chance to do such a thing. Should just do it!


Will Smith also said ''All of the best things in life are at the other side of your maximum fear.''

The view from a plane with an open door, is the most surreal things i have encountered. The best view imaginable, While the adrenaline pulsates through your every vein.




I flew with Sky Dive Athens. They where so professional. Kept checking on me and reassuring me everything will be fine! I couldn't recommend them enough! Thank you guys!











I ask you all to challenge yourself, to overcome one of your fears this year. Let me know below, what you fear, and what you plan to do to overcome it.   

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November 2, 2018

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