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Travelling alone in Greece ... (part1)



Day 1 (My birthday 14th June)

For my birthday, I travelled to Ios Island. I was so nervous to be on an island alone, but the locals were so welcoming. I Hired a quad, to get around the island! Then settled in my hotel Room Hotel Katerina Ios, which might I add, was the most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed in my life. They gave me a triple room. The space was huge, I have a private balcony in an exquisite family owned Hotel, the daughter of the family was lovely and super helpful. I went to Mylopotas beach where they had water sports, but to my disappointment no Jetski. But this really sweet guy who was working there offered me to go on a speed boat with another group of 3 that was just going out. As he let the group know I am coming with them, the male of the group gave a funny look towards his friends. I told the man, let me go and get my money, but as I walked back to my bike I thought oh that's sad. That look he gave was like, why does she have to come for. It made me feel really lonely, and worse because the man told the group its my birthday today and i'm alone. So as I went back without my money, I am about the tell the guy its okay I don't think they want me to come with them. He quickly said, ''sorry, they want to go alone'' The feeling I felt  in that moment I could only liken it to heart break. It was slightly embarrassing! He then proceeded to offer me everything else they had, but I felt slightly defeated and was not interested in water sports anymore. I text my friends at home and told them how alone i feel. They reminded me how brave i was in the first place, and how they are so proud of me and envious that I was taking such an adventure. So I went to dinner in Far out club, then met a really cool tattoo'd bearded guy that I spoke to for a few hours. I explained to him my experiences so far. And he told me not to judge all Greek people. Funny thing is, he had beeped his horn at me a few hours before that so he says. I told him in London, that's rude! We had a good laugh, then I Visited a club he recommended in the evening called Disco 69. Where I managed to make a few more friends. One girl from Australia, who came over for the summer to work and party. And a French Canadian girl who just wanted to drink shots!




Day 2 and 3 Mimicked the first day, just exploring, meeting new people, making friends. I moved Hotel To Hotel Petradi, the view was stunning. The 2 young girls that worked there on reception and at the restaurant, were beautiful inside and out. And a lady who was also working hospitality i think, was so sweet and rubbed mosquito bite soothing ointment into my now full of bite legs.

I met the most wonderful bunch of people. That I had stayed in the hotel with but had not spoken to them, until we were in the car to the Port. Matt Karen Carrie and Taz, they made me feel so welcome. They were two couples that had travelled together. They met each other during alone traveling and working and really inspired me more than they know. Matt repeated 1998 and 1999 so many times I lost count! But those were the years they travelled out to the Greek islands. In search of different things, only to find each other, Life long friendships and lifelong beautifully suited partners. They forced me to eat a stuffed Mushroom in Paros. Most disgusting experience of my life. When they looked away I spat the mushroom out! haha! Sorry! What was more exquisite about them is their storys, and how they echo each other in how they see life. As Matt was describing Karen, he said he met her 20 years ago, and 20 years later she is still my best friend. My heart melted in that moment, what was most fulfilling to me was how they were so interested in my story. It is easy to get people to listen, but for people to hear you, and understand you. And want to know you for you and not what you can give them, is rare. And I thank them again for making me feel comfortable to laugh with. (because they loved there dog so much, and I didn't know how to break it to them that no one is interested in their dog but them) And just be around them like I knew them longer than one day! Sometimes you cross paths with these kind of people, and they help open your eyes to what kind of experiences are waiting for you. I feel I am more confident to just speak about what my story is because actually some people are ready to listen to it!



Let me know where you have made lifelong friends? Comment below...




A few pictures of my adventures in Ios. :) 



















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November 2, 2018

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