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Love is imperfect...

November 2, 2018






TO love,

Is not only to To be in love,

but to feel loved. To feel cherished, and to cherish wholeheartedly

to understand and be understood

love is

Loving imperfections,


Loving her, and all that she comes with,

Her crust on her eyes in the morning, her moaning, her dribbles when she sleeps,

Her Goosebumps when you call her beautiful, because she forgets she is,

and every time you say it she blushes inside

but she doesn’t show it, because she has been waiting for this love

she’s been patiently waiting for you to come around, waiting for your love.

To love my sister with her imperfections, is perfect

She comes with ketchup on everything, even rice

She comes with insecurities, and stubbornness

She comes with the sentence ‘’ I don’t care’’

‘’ I don’t have time’’

‘’ im tired’’

a million and one times

I’ve seen you martin understand and love those parts of her

I see the way you notice the beauty in her smile.. her smile that radiates and brings warmth to those in her path
I notice you notice how much she gives love. How much she shares her love.. how much love means to her.
How precious she gets about her passions and drives. . I know you understand How generously sweet she is.
I watch you smile while watching how the curves on her face round everytime she laughs. I love the way you stare her. I love your reassuring embrace. I love that you love my sister


Love is

Busy lifestyle, love is chaotic, love is timeless. And time after time you have to set a reminder on your love, and every spark you ignite flames a wildfire of warmth between one other

Love is embracing that and basking in every moment shared and every moment apart and every moment together, and every moment from the start, love has no end, love has no beginning

love is imperfect, perfectly imperfect



God blessed my sister with more than just

He blessed her with her forever

You found her at last


lovers do not just meet each other

they are within each other all along.

It just happens that here, you search for the soul that was within you all along

That soul that connect with yours, that makes you wonder how you was ever apart.

Today, we marry. But this unity has been destined all along

We celebrate finally finding each other, and bringing family along



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November 2, 2018

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